Prep For Delivery Kit

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A printable kit that'll get you feeling confident, organized and at ease during your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum!

What do you get in the kit?
  • A Dr. visit sheet to help you keep track of the information you get from the doctor and also to remember important information you want to share with the doctor on your next visit.
  • A pregnancy weight tracker.
  • A list of postpartum red flags (when to call your healthcare provider).
  • A list of pregnancy red flags (when to call your healthcare provider).
  • A complete, filled out hospital bag checklist for mom, dad, and baby
  • A blank hospital bag checklist if you want to write out your own.
  • A blank homebirth essentials checklist to fill out so everyone knows exactly what the midwife will need, supplies before and after birth, and postpartum needs for mom and baby.
  • A baby names list (blank so you can keep track of your favorites)
  • A frozen meal planner sheet for after your baby is born.
  • A medicine tracker sheet for mom (to keep track of what type of medicine you take, how often you take it, and the dosage).
  • A medicine tracker for baby (to keep track of the medicine your baby is taking, how often they take it, and the dosage).
  • A weekly food tracker to keep track of you dietary needs throughout your pregnancy.
  • A weekly workout tracker so you can keep track of your activity and exercise throughout your pregnancy.
  • A blank monthly calendar for you to fill out to remember all your doctor appointments and any other important dates.
  • A list of 10 early labor symptoms you can check off as they happen. 
  • Worksheets to fill out as you consider 12 major decisions that need to be made before your baby is born.

The Prep For Delivery Kit is packed with helpful checklists, charts, worksheets and planner sheets that'll help you stay organized, healthy, and knowledgeable throughout your pregnancy and even during the postpartum period too!

You can print out your kit and put it in a folder or binder so you have it all in one place. Or you can take the ones you use every day and put them on the wall, on your fridge, on a cork board, or wherever you will see them.