Tips & Tricks For Mixed Curly Hair

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When you’re dealing with mixed hair, you’ll need all the tips and tricks to help you manage it! (Especially if you’re not used to working with naturally curly hair).

I totally get how frustrating or overwhelming it can be when you have no idea where to start, or on the opposite end you feel like you’ve tried a ton of stuff but nothing seems to be working

I want you to feel confident in taking care of your child’s hair so you can teach your kids the same thing as they get older.

Together we can raise our biracial kids to cherish who they are, (and hair is a big part of our identity!)

Although there’ll still be some learning curves, since each child’s mixed hair is unique, these tips and tricks will give you a HUGE head start with curly hair care!

What's Inside?

  • 8 reasons why curly hair gets knots and tangles
  • How to get knots out of curly hair (without tearing or cutting)
  • 13 curly hair hacks guaranteed to make hair care easier
  • 13 common mixed curly hair mistakes and how to fix them
  • 6 tips for fine curly hair care

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